We Help

Our goal is to contribute to the improved quality of life in our community.

We Invest

We are committed to invest in organizations that do good and make an impact in Lakeland.

We Connect

We create a network of professional and personal contacts that align with our club’s altruistic goals.

Lakeland needs love, Junior Woman’s Club is here to give it!

GFWC Junior Woman's Club of Lakeland with Lakeland Firefighters

Interested in getting involved in the community though volunteering? Guests are always welcome to join our monthly general meeting, no strings attached. We participate in a variety of projects, so no matter where your interests and talents lie you will find activities that speak to you. Being a member of a GFWC club provides the opportunity to make a difference!

Upcoming Meeting: August 13, 2024 @ 6:30 PM

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GFWC Junior Woman's Club of Lakeland Events

Upcoming Events

Our club holds fundraisers and events throughout the year that benefit multiple organizations and demographics. We welcome club members and non-club members alike to join us for these events to help make the biggest impact!

  • 8/4 – Bingo Fundraiser

Why Should You Choose the Junior Woman’s Club of Lakeland?

Across all of our work, we strive towards a greater community by supporting those making a difference. Our club is living the volunteer spirit!

These are just some of the charities, businesses, and communities we support. Our club is devoted to make an impact and we’d love for you to help us continue to do more!

Our Current Fundraising Initiatives in Our Community

Our club members are proud to represent and serve Lakeland. We do this by getting involved in the many events and programs taking place within the city. We focus on involvement and representation through community service, and ensure we drive success in order to support the many charities that we work with.