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What is GFWC National Day of Service?
The General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) is united in its dedication to volunteer community service.  The National Day of Service (NDS) is a day in which all of GFWC comes together in service to highlight an area of need, take action to address it, and raise public awareness about its importance.  State federations and clubs will participate by organizing Community Service Programs (CSP) in their communities as part of NDS. It’s also a great opportunity to invite guests to participate in your NDS activities and introduce them to the benefits of GFWC.

How can you help solve food insecurity in the United States?
To initiate the planning process, GFWC encourages you to contact your local food banks and food pantries — wherever people go for food — to find out how best to be of service. For example, a club can sponsor a food bank, pantry, or food program to organize a volunteer activity with fellow club members, family, and friends. Ask every member of your club to invite a friend who is not presently a member to participate and experience GFWC in action.

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